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What constitutes domestic violence in Maryland?

Dec 27, 2022 | protective orders

When many people think of domestic violence, they picture physical fights that involve hitting and screaming. However, domestic violence can take many other forms as well as the more obvious physical forms. All forms of domestic violence damage the victims and can land the perpetrators in serious trouble.

Here are a few examples of what constitutes domestic violence in Maryland.

Physical violence

Physical violence includes hitting, biting, pushing, scratching and many other types of harmful bodily contact. Many people prove instances of physical violence by taking pictures of their injuries and showing them to law enforcement; however, this is not always the case, as even some forms of physical violence may not leave obvious injuries.

Verbal/Emotional abuse

Verbal abuse is a form of domestic violence that involves persistent and extreme humiliation, gaslighting, criticism, name-calling and ridicule. This form of abuse can be a bit more difficult to prove, unfortunately, since a he-said, she-said scenario often ensues when someone goes to the police about an incident.

Isolation/False Imprisonment

Isolation, also known as false imprisonment is a form of abusive behavior where one person in the relationship cuts the other person off from family or friends for any number of reasons. In a more serious form, it can be in the form of preventing one from leaving their home, by taking keys or blocking a vehicle making leaving difficult, if not impossible.

Coercive control is a term used to describe the less physical or violent forms of domestic violence.

Domestic violence is common, so it is important to recognize the signs and different forms of domestic violence in order for people to help themselves and other family members.



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