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Collaborative Law

A method of divorce negotiation that has become increasingly popular is collaborative law or collaborative divorce. This cooperative, out-of-court approach to divorce allows couples to structure their own agreements regarding all matters of their separation.

As a skilled negotiator, attorney Marla Zide often champions the benefits of engaging in collaborative divorce. While saving time and money, couples can also avoid the stress of leaving their fate to the whims of the courts.

Keeping It Neutral

When a marriage dissolves, it is common for couples to bring some anger or bitterness to the negotiation table. However, with the help of an experienced attorney, alternative dispute resolution can check bitterness at the door and allow you and your spouse to work toward a mutually beneficial goal.

Some benefits of collaborative divorce include:

  • Efficient problem-solving strategies that get results in custody and visitation matters
  • Cooperative, out-of-court approaches that eliminate stress
  • Results-focused methods that keep you working toward what really matters
  • Meeting in a neutral setting can temper some of the emotions of the moment
  • Experts can be brought in to help evaluate assets and other finances

Above all, working through a collaborative divorce mitigates the stress and anxiety of the moment. For couples with young children, a contested divorce can disrupt a child’s sense of familial stability — a collaborative method can keep negotiations civil so children do not experience the brunt of contention.

Committed To Collaboration

At the Law Office of Marla Zide, LLC, clients in Glen Burnie, Maryland, can have the peace of mind that comes from working through a collaborative divorce with a lawyer who cares.

Attorney Zide helps to nurture commitment on the part of the participants to come to constructive agreements that benefit both parties while achieving the best results. Contact our law office for mediation services by calling 443-557-4153 or using our online contact form.

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